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  • 10 Female Teachers Prosecuted For Having Affairs With Their Students! (Shocking Videos)

    When it comes to fantasies, many of us have probably had a crush or two on our teachers. However, these crushes were innocent for the most part, and nothing further ever went from these one-sided attractions. 

    When it comes to sexual predators, many people just think about a creepy man preying upon a teenage girl. But the reality of the matter is that sexual predators can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, including a beautiful young woman. 

    In the last twenty years, stories of female teachers having sex with their students has become a popular story in the media, and there seems to be a new case popping up every few months. 


    The sad part of the situation is that if the teacher is young and beautiful, the media deems the case as “every boy’s fantasy” and the jury tends to sympathize with the perp, which leads to a reduced charge.

    Despite the contexts and scenarios, having sex with a minor is wrong no matter what, and this is pretty much in black and white. 

    Even though there are clear cut signs as to how wrong this whole situation is, one has to wonder what is going through the minds of these women when they move in on their students. 

    Do they think about the repercussions of the situation? Do they consider that they could lose their jobs? Do they even ponder what life in jail would be like, or how they will continue with their lives as registered sex offenders? 

    Numerous defense tactics have included insanity pleas, because surely no one is that stupid unless there was something not right with them in the head.

    The videos below includes ten female teachers who had sexual encounters and even relationships with much younger students.