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  • A Dead Whale Is In Shark Infested Waters And This Guy Thought He’d Jump From A Boat To Get On It! 

    This event took place in the city of Stirling Western Australia and it sparked some serious controversy when the video first appeared.

    A dead whale washed up on Scarborough Beach and was immediately  attracting sharks due to the smell it was causing. This however was not the cause for controversy, but what a not so bright young man decided to do with it.

    His name is Aussie. Hes a surfer who was at that beach when he spotted the whale caracas and thought itd be a great idea to jump in the now shark infested waters and climb on top of the already decomposing mammal.

    This event was filmed from a helicopter and it shows the brave but mainly stupid man, jump from his boat into the water and climb the whale; which was 

    Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 7.59.24 PM

    missing a pretty big chunk from its head believed to have been caused by the sharks. He later came out in the news apologizing for what he had done and saying it was a stupid idea.

    Luckily he came out unharmed from this, yet if i were to judge his intellect, i’d say this hasn’t been the first time he’s done something stupid, and regrettably it won’t be the last. Hopefully he’ll never run out of luck.

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