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  • 14 Hungry Lions Attacking Baby Elephant; But Unexpected Turn of Events Changed Everything !!

    Visitors to South Luangwa National Park came upon a pride of female lions attacking the elephant near the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp, and they caught the attack on camera.

    Nature is just plain scary! This rare and very intense footage is live proof of such statement. 

    The baby elephant was ferociously attacked by a pack of 14 hungry lionesses determined to make of him nothing more than just another easy meal. 

    However, this particular story has a turn of events that is both amazing and gratifying; at least for the young quadruped. 

    The battle for survival lasted a few minutes before the… 

    Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.48.29 PM

    young fella realized he had to do something extreme to survive.

    "Never have I seen anything like this," Innocent, a Norman Carr safari guide, wrote with the YouTube video, which has amassed over 27 Million views!

    "We were all so worried the elephant would be killed right before us. What a fighter," he said.

    "We don't see it so much up in East Africa, [where I work]. Only once have I seen anything remotely like that. Usually elephants are very much in control when it comes to lions. So if they meet lions, they will see them off.”

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    Can you tell from the video how old the elephant is?

    "You can tell the age by the length and shape of the tusks. The tusks grow beyond the lip at two, and by about four years old they're about [four inches, or ten centimeters long]. 

    Those were pretty long, so I'm guessing [the elephant is] between five and ten [years old], but more likely seven or eight."

    He ran into the water and luckily; one by one, all the lionesses started to back off until the young elephant was left alone.

    You can hear the voices on the commentary cheering the elephant on and telling it to stay in the water.

    "We all think cats don't like water ... I don't know if that's true or not, but they did seem more reluctant once the elephant was in the water. And I feel that the elephant might have the upper hand there."

    Nature sure can be quite horrifying, but in this case, it ruled in favor of the pray and not the predator.

    Watch video below and don’t forget to share it around with your friends who love animals!