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  • Bulletproof Vehicles Are Taken To The Extreme In Order To Test Their Effectiveness And Resistance !! 

    There’s a company that has become quite popular on the internet over the last five years; not only because of the products they offer, but also due to their unorthodox ways of presenting such products to the public; I’m talking about a company called “Texas Armoring Corporation” or TAC for short.

    This company’s core purpose is perhaps embedded in its very name; they create and supply lightweight armored vehicles. These vehicles are 100% bulletproof which brings us to the second reason they started getting attention from the media.

    To test their product, they do something that many would consider nerve-wrecking or even insane. Also, something of this nature has never been filmed before (at least not outside of a Hollywood film); they shoot at the armored vehicles while having individuals inside!

    Now, you might think: well the vehicle is bulletproof so why not, right? Well the Titanic was believed to be unsinkable and look what happened. I’m not claiming the vehicles aren’t bulletproof, which they obviously are; i’m saying there’s always a margin for error and perhaps that’s the very reason viewers are so captivated and shocked when they see these types of tests. I take using dummies wouldn’t make this nearly as exciting.

    Besides being bulletproof, these vehicles are equipped with a wide range of safety features including run flat tire inserts, composite armored doors and hood, electric shocking door handles, self-sealing explosion proof gas tank, deadbolt locking system, smoke screen system and more!

    It is a fact that 80 to 90 percent of terrorist attacks occur while victims are traveling by automobile and it is believed that 40 to 60,000 kidnappings occur each year; which...


    deems the idea of owning one of these vehicles not so crazy after all.

    TAC’s President and CEO is Trent Kimball whose father had the dream of bringing premium armored vehicles to the world’s elite and protect families across the globe.

    Trent’s father worked for the U.S Government as a special agent so he learned first hand how armored vehicles can save lives and disarm would be terrorists, criminals, and kidnappers. This was in the early 1970s; four decades and thousands of vehicles later, his dream has transformed into reality that lives on through his son. 

    Today, Texas Armoring Corporation stands proudly as the market leader for manufacturing quality, lightweight armored cars, trucks, SUVs, and other specialty vehicles.

    Below we feature yet another video showing how they put their product to the test. In this particular case, a man is using an AK-47 to shoot at a bulletproof glass, an to top it off, theres a guy sitting right behind it.

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    If you need more information about them you can visit their website at: www.texasarmoring.com/