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  • She Paid For A Man’s Grocery Bill When He Forgot His Wallet, Days Later He Did This For Her !! 

    When a Georgia woman decided to do a good deed during the 2015 Christmas season, her generosity was met with a tsunami of giving. The woman, Tracy Warshal, simply paid for a man’s groceries. She didn’t know him, but she wanted to be kind.

    But after doing something selfless for a stranger, who apparently had forgotten his wallet, that man turned around and donated $10,000 to the hospital Warshal worked at. This donation ended up helping the cancer patients who are in dire need of support.

    Warshal posted an account of her story on Facebook following the amazing event. Check out what she wrote below!

    “When I noticed a gentleman had forgotten his wallet at ALDI USA, I paid for his groceries. It was just fruit — it didn’t cost more than $7,” she said in a Facebook post.

    After Warshal did the good deed, she said “Merry Christmas” and gave the anonymous gentleman her first name. Then she walked out of the store.

    But the man was not about to let Warshal get away with her kindness. He tracked her down. He noticed that she had been wearing a shirt with the Piedmont Healthcare logo on it.

    After a little bit of research, the man found out that she worked at the Piedmont Cancer Institute. This fact warmed his heart. Not only was Warshal a good person at the grocery store, she dedicated her life to helping people fight the hardest fight of their lives.

    Then the man had a great idea. He decided to donate… 

    Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.20.05 PM

    $10,000 to the organization in her name. Warshal had no idea about it until representatives from the organization’s fundraising team, the Piedmont Foundation, contacted her.

    Warshal wrote on Facebook: “I was really shocked to learn that this same gentleman later donated $10,000 to Piedmont’s foundation in my honor. I just happened to be wearing this Piedmont Cancer shirt when I met him. Working in cancer care, you are reminded that people are dealing with way bigger issues.”

    Apparently, although the man wanted to remain anonymous, there was record of him donating to the cancer institute in the past.

    Warshal couldn’t believe how great everything turned out. She told ABC News that paying for the groceries was just an “instinctual” response and not her trying hard to be kind.

    Warshal admitted on social media that she had hope the man would pay her small kindness forward. But she never expected him to do something so huge, and in her name. She hopes to remind people like you that “the little things are what matters the most.”

    The woman who works in the cancer center is overjoyed that her small good deed evolved into something so big.

    “I’m just excited that one small little gesture made a huge difference and impact on a lot of people,” Warshal told ABC News. “I hope it makes people think twice about doing something small to somebody.”

    The $10,000 donation is planned to go toward the Dana G. Smith Cancer Assistance Endowment.

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