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  • Animal Rescuers Received Call About A Dog That Had Fallen In Hot Tar; Then This Happened.

          Unfortunate, tragic events can happen at any time without warning. 

    This was the case of a young dog that, playing too close to a pit of steaming hot tar, suffered a dramatic fall right into the hole. 

    The hot tar had smothered his body and had became rock-solid. 

    He was stuck to the ground and unable to move. A passerby saw him struggling and called an animal welfare group help-line.

    Claire Abrams, from the animal welfare group "Animal Aid Unlimited", says staff from the charity rushed to the scene in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, after receiving an alarming phone call from a passerby. 

    They found the dog lying… 

    dog falls in tar

    motionless, his hardened body stuck to the ground: "There was no way he could have come out of his own, without any intervention," Abrams said.

    Many thought this was going to be the end for the young pup, but little did they know; they couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

    The rescuers spent hours massaging a large amount of vegetable oil into his body to loosen the tar, avoiding the use of kerosene because of its harsh effects on skin. 

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    The Aftermath:

    After about four hours, the crew were able to pull the dog out of the sticky liquid, before taking him to the animal shelter. It took several days to clear his body of the tar.

    On his first night of arrival at the shelter, Abrams says: "He was petrified and breathing heavily.” 

    The dog, now affectionately known as "Tar Baby", has recovered successfully and has also been vaccinated.

    The video is sad to watch, yet gratifying; especially at the end when you see the dog a few days post-recovery.

    Watch this amazing rescue video below, comment your thoughts and opinion and share this with all your friends who love animals !