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  • Government Officials Allow This ISIS Member To Live Freely In America. Should This Be Allowed?

    One would think that Charlotte, North Carolina resident, Erick Jamal Hendricks is a loyal American citizen,simply because he is a citizen of the United states. He lives amongst loyal American families, immersing himself in the places that are thought of as safe and free of terrorism.

    But it turns out he not only has connections to ISIS, he was accused of recruiting and training others to commit acts of terror in the United States. The only requirement to be involved with ISIS, is the willingness to promote and execute acts of terror. As frightening as it is, members of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) can be found in outlets all over the world. 

    The only requirement is that its members need to be willing to be part of the militant group and follow a fundamentalist doctrine. The groups’ main mission is to declare religious, political and military power over all muslims worldwide. Last Thursday, after Hendricks’ alleged words of ISIS support had been disclosed, he was detained in Ohio.

    A press release issued by the Department of Justice stated that Hendricks expressed interest in creating a sleeper cell which would train and house others interested in executing attacks on the US. He had been in the process of building a compound that would assist in executing his attack goals and bringing in a mass of others to join him.  

    He also allegedly stated that he would target… 


    military personnel whose information had been obtained by ISIL and also Pamela Geller, who was the woman who launched the Draw Prophet Mohammad contest.”

    Another incident occurred in Ohio back in 2015. When an individual tried purchasing an AK-47 from an undercover agent, he was arrested. He admitted to his association with ISIS over social media.

    It was confirmed that Hendricks was in fact associated with this unnamed individual and there was proof that Hendricks discussed the need to get “brothers to train together” in the group that had already had ten members at the time. The statement allured to the fact that there were several more “brothers who resided in Texas and Mexico and Hendricks’ goal was to have them all meet up in person.

    The unnamed person who was initially associated with Hendricks’ admitted that he heard that Hendricks and his “brothers” had been planning a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas in May of 2015. That attack had been defeated and the two men leading the attack were Arizona residents.

    Sadly enough, this is a perfect example how in this day and age, we can never feel too safe, no matter what section of the world we live in. With the growth of ISIS, its members can be found in the places we least expect, living amongst us. Stories like this are sure to get citizens more vigilant in detecting and reporting the suspected members.

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