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  • Here’s The Dance Routine A Horse Performed That’s Causing Jaws To Hit The Floor !!

    While horses are massive animals, they have a tendency to walk and run with such grace and elegance and they’ve been capturing the fascination of audiences all over the world for years. But there is one horse who is stealing the show these days. 

    Nine-year-old Blue Hors Matine, along with her owner and trainer, Andreas Helgstrand has captured the attention of 20 million viewers.

    During the WEG2006 freestyle final, Blue Hors Matine starts out in a light skip, then goes for a reach dance move where her legs extend outward as she makes her way across the performance ring. 

    The horse doesn’t miss a beat as she pulls up her hooves in sync with the music. The moves are so perfected that it almost looks like there are strings tugging at her four legs making it look as if he has springs beneath her feet. 

    And it’s pretty safe to say that this horse is enjoying herself, as her rump is shaking side to side and she doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. Her execution is flawless and it’s quite amazing to see such a massive creature pulling off such graceful moves. Even the commentators are heard saying that this horse’s moves have sent the competition into another gear and the bar has certainly been raised.

    The horse moves in perfect precision with the music and when it slows down, she slows to a subtle trot. When the pace of the music picks up, so does the height of the horse’s leg lifts and hops across the performance ring. 

    At one point she is even galloping sideways across the ring, which cannot be easy for such an enormous creature to pull off. One of the best parts of watching the performance is seeing the… 

    Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 4.04.16 PM

    horse’s tail swing and wag so excitedly. It’s as if the horse is showing the audience that she is confident and she has complete faith in her performance.

    “It has been an absolute privilege to watch this horse perform,” said the commentator, who is taken aback by a nearly perfect execution.

    By the end of the performance, the audience has joined in and is clapping along to the rhythm of the music, cheering on the horse and his breathtaking talent. As soon as the music stops, Andreas hugs his horse and throws his arms in the air. The two are a perfect pair.

    Whether you are a horse lover or not, you are sure to enjoy this powerful video.

    Commenters shared their praise…

    “I have not read all the comments, but as a former riding instructor, I can tell you this: There are abusive trainers and poor riders. HOWEVER, you do not achieve this level of perfection through abuse. 

    This level can only be achieved through careful, precise training that requires full concentration of both horse and rider. The two have to understand each other on a completely different plane. Believe me, horses that achieve this level are treated as professional athletes. There is no room for abuse in this arena.”

    “Absolutely amazing dressage performance, the best and most enjoyable I have ever seen. What a wonderful horse and rider team. Just brilliant!”

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