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  • He’s Crying Because His Hand Hurts From Punching; Now Listen To What His Coach Tells Him !! (MUST SEE)

    Mentors have the power to change our minds and make us better, especially if they also happen to be your father!

    This incredible video shows a kid practicing his Karate routine only this time he’s punching a board with his left hand, which he’s not as strong with or even accustomed to.

    You can easily tell the child feels pain each time he hits the board, and he’s also holding back on that punch precisely because of his pain.

    His coach who is also his mentor and father, tell him to hit the board harder and to not hold back even if it hurts!

    The kids breaks into tears and that’s when his… 

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    father gave him a lesson worth more than anything in the world!

    The father asked him why he was crying and not only did he tell him it was ok to cry, but that it was also beneficial for him since it would help him get through those emotional barriers that hold him back!

    The kid said he’s crying because it was hard to punch with his left hand and his coach continued with a lesson only a good and understanding role model will be able to give!

    Watch the clip below and if you’re a father or mother am sure you’ll be proud to listen to his words and perhaps even show or teach this principles to your own children.

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