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  • If You Go To The Beach And Find This Stone; DO NOT Throw It Away, It Could Make You Rich.

    One couple made a very smelly, discovery in Lancashire. While taking a stroll on the Middleton Sands Beach one afternoon, Gary and Angela Williams came across a giant stone. 

    The object, which they assumed was a giant stone, was mostly white in color with slight spots of brown and black. 

    And this was no small object. It took the use of both of Gary’s hands to pick the object up. 

    So, when the couple found the object, they instantly knew that hit wasn’t just an oversized stone. 

    On top of the peculiarity of it, the object reeked of fish. 

    It was hard as a rock and the texture of candle wax, making the… 


    Williams even more stumped. And it resembled that of a giant, oversized rubber ball.

    When the couple took the object home, they later discovered that the “odd stone,” was actually whale vomit. 

    Sound odd? It is, but when you find out how much this particular piece of whale vomit is worth, you would’ve taken the piece home to. Evidently,the piece was worth 50,000 pounds. It was certainly worth the stinky car ride home!

    But why would a piece of whale vomit, be worth… 

    giphy (18)

    anything at all?

    Apparently, whale vomit is used to make a very pricey type of perfume. 

    Believe it or not, the ball of fishy-smelling vomit is somehow transformed into a soothing smell that women wear.

    The material is known to scientists as ambergris. 

    Ambergris is a highly-sought-after perfume ingredient, despite its natural stench, described by Gary Williams. “ It is a cross between squid and farmyard manure.” 

    After researching ambergris and it’s evident value, the couple found out that another finder of the material recently sold it for 120,000 pounds, which… 


    translates to $170,000 in U.S. money.

    And while people are certainly floored by the value of whale vomit, they are starting to concoct their own plans to get some of the high priced goods.

    For future reference, don’t second guess an item that appears odd on the beach. Pick it up, smell it and taking it home. 

    If you do a little searching online, you may just find out that your discovery will help pay a few bills.

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