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  • If Your Drywall Is Cracked Or Scratched; Before You Spend A Dime To Repair it, Watch This Video !!

    When you see a crack in your drywall, your first thought is probably not “I know exactly how to fix that.” Instead you’re probably thinking about how ugly it looks and that it’ll be impossible to paint over it and hide it from sight.

    Your drywall cracks don’t have to stop you from making the home renovations you want. 

    Instead, you can follow along with the simple steps below and forever know how to fix any cracks in your drywall. You’ll learn from a lifelong handyman how you can make your walls smooth so you can paint over them with no problem.

    Don’t think you have to hire someone to fix cracks in your drywall. If you’ve got a hankering for a DIY project, this video gives you the step-by-step procedure to handle this common household problem yourself.

    Check this out and learn how to fix your dry wall today!

    As we discussed, before you paint it is important to get your walls as smooth as you can. As Ken Collier, the editor from Family Handyman Magazine says, you can fix cracks in your drywall yourself and get it ready for a fresh coat of paint in minutes.

    These cracks often appear over a door of a window because the house gradually settles over time. First you need to protect your door frame. He covers the woodwork with painters’ tape. Then he uses a screwdriver to open up the crack in the drywall.

    Run the device up and down the crack until you get down to sound drywall on both sides of it. Next clean out the crack and… 


    remove the dust from around the area. A damp cloth works well. Apply a self-adhesive fiber glass mesh tape to reinforce the joint to prevent future cracks.

    Next apply a thin layer of drywall joint compound to cover the mesh and reinforce the crack that had appeared above your door or window. Fill the crack and the cavities in the tape. When the first coat is dry, scrape off bumps and ridges. Then apply a second coat of joint compound.

    Make sure it is even. Then after it dries, take off the ridges and bumps. With the patch sanded, dust it off and you’re ready to prime it. Prime your patches thoroughly to avoid a bright gloss from appearing. It is a common problem that appears in bright sunlight.

    When the primer is on and dry, you’re ready to apply your wall paint. You’ve just fixed a crack in your drywall without having to hire a contractor to do the work for you. Here’s what a few viewers on YouTube said about the DIY tip:

    “the best way to avoid this is not to have a joint above a door or window. I’ve been a drywall finisher for 20 years and the crack usually come back.”

    “Thank you!  There is blasting going on under my subdivision for an underground business complex.  We now have cracks in our drywall everywhere.  This is very helpful.”

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