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  • Lioness Gets Severely Mauled By A Buffalo! But What Humans Did After Is Absolutely Amazing !!

    A wounded lioness named Siena almost had her leg ripped off when a male buffalo gored her. 

    The wound was deep with the skin sheath being fleeced but no perforations to the stomach wall or any bone dislocation.

    Emergency vets scrambled to the middle of the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya when they heard about her life threatening injuries. 

    Staff at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a specialist elephant rehabilitation centre, had to act quickly if they were to save the lioness on April 4. 

    Veterinarian Dr Njoroge, from the Kenya Wildlife service, landed at Musiara airstrip and… 

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    Governors guides drove the medical team directly to where Siena was resting. 

    Treatment started in the afternoon when she was darted. 

    Moments later a sub-adult lioness promptly sauntered up to Siena who was still standing while the drug was taking effect and pulled the dart out of her with her teeth.

    Slowly but surely, Siena started showing signs of improvement.

    The recovery:

    giphy (33)

    It took approximately hour and a half to get Siena’s wound effectively sutured up and treated. 

    "48 hours later we found Siena 2 kms on from were she had been treated and she was doing remarkably well." 

    "She was walking with her cubs and also squatting to pee; all good signs, we only hope that she continues to improve."

    There’s no doubt Siena would have died had she not received treatment so quickly and effectively. 

    Her cubs would have most likely been in serious trouble had she been unable to care for them.

    Sincere thanks to the effective response from the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the medical team from the Kenya Wildlife services, and the assistance of the Narok County Council and Governors’ camp staff.

    This is Siena reunited with her cubs after she was treated.

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