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  • She Got Off Her Car To Close The Gas Cap And Forgot To Put it In Park; Horrible Mistake !!

    This event took place at Costco in Burlington, WA on August 9th. This Lady left her gas pump with the cap hanging out. 

    Another car pulled alongside of vehicle and passenger pointed to unsecured gas cap. Light was red so lady gets out of car to screw in gas cap. 

    She forgot to put car in park and as now drivers-less car started to move forward, she tried to run alongside and jump in but was dragged a few feet and then fell and left rear tire vehicle ran over both her legs.

    Now keeping that in mind, I can't believe even though having both legs run over by her own car, this tough lady jumped up and dusted herself off insisting she was unhurt and wanted to cross the busy intersection to get her car. 

    The vehicle was pursued through 

    Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.27.18 PM

    the intersection by good Samaritan lady whose daughter had pointed out the gas cap hanging out. The driver-less car proceeded to jump the curb across the street and run into a tree in front of Starbucks. 

    The samaritan managed to save several vehicles from being hit by driver-less car as she chased it through the intersection, even though putting her life in danger. The miracle of the whole incident, is that run over lady jumped up and was more worried about her car, than any injuries sustained to her person. 

    The many other car drivers that witnessed this happen, managed to avoid the intersection and allow all this to transpire without further incident.

    Watch the video below and give your thoughts and opinion in the commenting section below the clip!