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  • Take A Close Look At What Will Happen To Your Car If You Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant !! 


    Sometimes when you’re in a rush, the only parking that seems to be available is in front of a fire hydrant. Other times, you’re backing into a space only to discover that the hydrant is there. 

    You always have a choice: Go around and look for another spot or violate the law and park there.

    When you see what happened to one person who parked in front of a fire hydrant in Merced, California, you’ll quickly realize why you should never do it. 

    Not only do you make the job of fire fighters harder by blocking their access to the water source, you risk having your car destroyed in the process.

    And if your car looks like this poor chap’s from Merced, I don’t know anyone who will have any sympathy for you. Check out more about parking in front of a fire hydrant below!

    If you’ve ever took the gamble and parked in front of a fire hydrant, your biggest worry was probably getting a parking ticket. But you forgot the biggest problem of all – preventing the heroes at the fire department from doing their job.

    In the images from the City of Merced Fire Department, you’ll realize another reason never to park in front of a hydrant. Glass scatters the street because the fire fighters were forced to put the hose through the car’s windows.

    The large red tube that connects to the water source was run through the car because this driver violated the law. Emergency responders need instant access to… 


    fire hydrants. If a fire is burning down a home, then that takes priority over someone’s car windows.

    The fire the firefighters were stopping here was at a marijuana grow house that had 3,000 pot plants inside. But no one remembers that. They just recall how the car blocked the hydrant. Even though the smoke from that fire must have really stank.

    You might be wondering why they can’t just put the hose around the car. It is important for fire fighters to keep the hose straight. A kink in the line could cause a severe problem and become dangerous.

    Firefighters don’t care about the make or model of the car. Even if you have a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini, the fire hose would have been thrown through your windows too.

    You might notice a towel being placed under the hose. That’s not to protect the vehicle. It’s used to keep the hose safe from the glass shards.

    “Not only does he deserve a ticket, he deserves exactly what he got today.”

    A slight delay could mean the difference between life and death if a fire rages in a community. For example, wildfires have ravaged Tennessee in recent weeks. Fire fighters don’t have time to worry about personal property when people’s lives are at stake.

    Check out the footage below to see more images of this car and other times firefighters have been forced to do the same to other vehicles. Don’t forget to warn others about this by sharing this article on facebook!