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  • Take A Look At The Top 20 Stupidest Most Useless Inventions That Actually Made Money !!

    Inventing has been part of our basic survival instinct since the early ages. 

    As technology and the quality of life changes and progresses, we continue to solve yet create problems along the way; problems which might get solved by a simple yet effective invention.

    Some invention however, might not be as useful or even well thought of as you may think, yet with the proper advertising and marketing, they might just end up doing fairly well in the market.

    With this in mind, we decided to bring to you some of the stupidest and most useless inventions ever created by men, which also… 

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    happened to make money (mostly because of infamous popularity due to their ridiculousness).

    If you’re thinking about inventing something, take a look at the video below so you can have an idea of what NOT to do !

    Most of the inventions featured in this clip never actually took off and even though they might have sold a few dozens, they simply fell back down the ladder of despair almost immediately after launch.

    Watch the video below and share this article with your friends who need a bit of “inspiration” to invent something !