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  • These Are The 10 Most Expensive Female Virginities Ever Sold ! Number 9 Is INSANE !

    Prostitution is, they say, the oldest profession. But like every other profession out there, this changed with the advent of the digital age. 

    Recently, in an odd but perhaps not unexpected turn of events, some enterprising people – generally women – have taken to selling their sexual debut to the highest bidder online. 

    The ethics around the recent phenomenon of selling one’s first time online are at best confusing. 

    As a one-off transaction, which has been seen to reap enormous financial dividends, these incidents have attracted enormous media attention – but the thorny issues surrounding the business of prostituion still apply to these cases, despite their unique nature.

    Traditions, in regards to… 


    marriage, love, and virginity have been “molded” throughout history to the point where to this day– many don’t even consider them as relevant as they used to.

    Back then, a girl would save herself for marriage and true love was not taken for granted as it is now; however, things change and so do people!

    Today, it is rare to find or hear of a woman that has remained a virgin until her wedding night, and it is perceived as “ok".

    Something else you’ve likely never heard is that virginities have been sold for different purposes throughout our history, making today’s topic just a bit unusual.


    If you haven’t heard, an American medical student, by the name of Elizabeth Raine, just sold her virginity in a highly publicised and controversial online auction for $801,000. 

    “Love is not a part of this arrangement. It is only of a sexual and financial nature.”

    Beginning anonymous, the site “gallery” featured an array of polished photographs showcasing the medical student’s body and face blacked out. 

    But several days ago, she posted new pictures showcasing her visage, which prompted the anonymous $801,000 winning bid within days.

    Believe it or not, that immense figure falls pretty short of the record for this sort of bid. 

    Yes, not only have others sold their "first time" before – some have even been far more successful in doing so.

    The video we bring for you today features 10 females who sold their virginities to the highest bidder for different reasons mostly related to economic issues.

    These young females felt the need to give away what once was, and still is for many, considered a sacred thing, for cash!

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