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  • These Are The Top 10 Hottest Women Donald Trump Has Slept With. 

    Donald trump is known to be one of the most successful business magnates in america. 

    Not only is he an investor, socialite, author and television personality; but he is now also a candidate to presidency.

    While these attributes are very well out in the open; some others are being kept somewhat on the down low; such as his personal life and his innumerable flings throughout his life.

    He’s been with women from all over the world, yet they all share something in common besides the fact they all were involved with trump; most of them are either models or actresses.

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    Needless to say he knows how to pick them, or does he? 

    Most of these so call “relationships”, which were mostly short-term; tend to end up in divorce and sometimes with very little benefit to the Donald.

    Below is a video that features the top ten hottest females Donald Trump has been involved with in his lifetime.

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