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  • They Came Into This Store With A Purpose; Now Keep Your Eyes On This Woman !!

    This footage was taken by a store security camera in India and it show a couple with a daughter coming into the store to basically rob the place.

    It wasn’t just the fact they were thieves what astounded many; but rather the technique they used.

    In the video, the woman is seen doing something extreme and frankly disgusting.

    She approaches the boxes of beer and squats down, only to shove a beer box in… 

    Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.27.20 PM

    between her legs and cover it up with her long dress.

    This took only seconds, which suggests they might have done this a few times before.

    Police later caught up with this woman and she was charged with robbery along with her husband.

    The little girl is too young to be prosecuted and given the differences in law enforcement of that country compared to United State’s; the situation’s aftermath is unclear.

    Hopefully the child won’t grow up to be like the parents.

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