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  • This 7 Year-Old Stole His Grandma’s Car And Went For A Ride Video Game Style! Watch What He Says.

    Meet Latarian Milton; a seven year old boy who made headlines when he stole his grandmother’s Dodge Durango and took it for a spin!

     When police were called about a possible reckless driver who looked too short to be able to see ahead while driving; they never thought a 7 year old would be behind the wheel.

    That day, when the grandmother who was very upset came looking for her car keys, they were gone, and so was her car.

    Milton says he stole the vehicle because he got… 

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    mad at his mother and because he wanted to do “hood rat stuff” for his friend.

    He knocked over several mailboxes on the way and crashed a few times on the sidewalk, almost completely destroying the Dodge Durango’s passenger side.

    Even though his grandmother believes he deserves an “ass whooping”; no charges were pressed against him since he is too young for any kind of prison.

    He was however, introduced to the system with the hope to get him some help before he continues down his path and goes on to commit worse crimes. 

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