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  • This Dancer Is Blind, But That Had Absolutely No Effect on His Dancing Skills. MUST WATCH !!

    There is just something so mesmerizing and graceful about ballroom dancing that makes us get lost in the moment. 

    The absolute trust dancers must have on each other and the beauty of their elegantly coordinated movements make the performance truly breathtaking.

    Never had the trust between two dancers ever seemed as powerful as the moment Alexander Bogdanov and Maria Keyzman took the dance floor.

    Alexander is a 25-year-old dancer from Russia. Growing up he always loved to dance, but after he was blinded in a tragic car accident. 

    Followed the tragedy, he always… 


    feared he’d ever be able to dance again the way he loved. That’s when his “guardian angel” Maria stepped in and helped him get back on the dance floor.

    This dance is a beautiful interpretation of Alexander’s life and the pair’s own beautiful story. Maria leads Alexander onto the dance floor and when the music starts they begin to dance across the room.

    If you hadn’t been told Alexander was blind, you would have probably never guessed it. The timing and the fluidity of this couple’s movements is simply flawless.

    giphy (39)

    At one point in the routine Alexander appears to trip over Maria and he falls to the floor devastated. This was meant to be a representation of when he was blinded. 

    Then Maria comes over and helps him, lifting him up and teaching him about good still left in the world.

    “When I dance,” he said, “my world is filled with light.”


    Below we feature one of their best performances at the WDC European Nation Showcase Championship of 2016.

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