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  • This Driver Hit A Branch On The Road And Lost Control Of His Truck. Watch What Happens !! 

    The moment an out-of-control semi-trailer hit a fallen tree branch and narrowly missed other vehicles in Victoria's south-west has been caught on dash cam.

    In the video, released April 5, 2016, a truck driver can be seen stopping to help a woman who had also hit the branch on a narrow road near Carlisle River.

    Bystanders then decided to film, not expecting what was about to happen. The we very lucky to escape unharmed from this nearly fatal accident!

    As the two were talking, a semi-trailer can be seen careening around the corner, crashing through the fallen branch at very dangerous speeds.

    The semi-trailer then narrowly missed the other truck and hurtled towards where the woman was parked.


    Luckily, the woman was not injured but her car was badly damaged, Dash Cam Owners Australia said on their Facebook page.

    This is the type of situation that really isn’t hard to avoid; i mean, if you just hit a branch that’s laying right over the road; it is expected that other drivers might also do the same which suggests the best move would’ve been to get as far away from the scene as possible to avoid the risk of getting hurt or worse.

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