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  • This Girl Asked Him For Freaky Sex; And Now He’s Behind Bars! The Reason Why Will Shock You !!

    A Florida man has been taken to jail and charged with counts of manslaughter after he killed a woman with a bullet to the head during what he told police was a “freaky sex” act.

    While in a Regency Inn and Suites motel room, Tyrone Fields, 21, frantically called 911 after the woman he met two days prior was killed during sex. Allegedly, 18-year-old Christina Meagher asked Fields to do something during sex that ended her life.

    Fields says that Meagher begged him to put the barrel of his 9mm to her head while they had sex. 

    Because he was caught up in the moment, he… 

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    forgot to take the bullet out of the chamber when he removed the magazine from the gun.

    “The defendant stated that he intentionally pulled the trigger as part of the role-play, and the handgun fired a single round into the victim’s head.”

    Surveillance cameras set up around the motel show the two entering consensually. And an autopsy ruled out any sexual battery as the cause of Meagher’s death.

    Fields is currently held on $30,000 bond. He is charged with manslaughter with a weapon, a first-degree felony, and discharge of a firearm resulting in death. 

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