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  • This Gulper Catfish Swallows Pray Its Own Size! This Is Absolutely Insane ! MUST WATCH !! 

    Asterophysus Batrachus; better known as Gulper Catfish or Torpedo Catfish, is a species of catfish that originates from the Orinoco and Rio Negro basins of Venezuela and Brazil. It grows to a length of about 25.0 cm (9.84 in).

    But what’s most impressive about this fish, it’s its ability to swallow other fish that are just as big as them!

    These monsters can double in size when they eat and they’re becoming a problem to the locals because they’re clearing out anything from fish to turtles wherever they go.

    Below we feature a video of one of them eating a whole fish almost as big in minutes! It makes you wonder if they can even survive afterwards; but not only can they survive; they’ll be back for more in no time!

    They have an expandable almost… 


    elastic skin in their belly area that allows for much more room that meets the eye. 

    Nowadays many people have them as pets which, considering their appetite can be quite a challenge. Owners claim this is a really tough fish. It can adapt to changes in water Ph, temperature and it eats just about anything you throw in there.

    You might be thinking if the owner gave them smaller fish this wouldn’t happen; perhaps you’re right, but keep in mind that, for a fish like this, a smaller pray only means room for more.

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