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  • This Man Accused A Drone Hobbyist Of Being A Pedophile. His Reply Was “Fire" !!

    A hobbyist was casually flying his drone over a public area attempting to capture some footage for some of his video projects when he was abruptly interrupted and basically interrogated by a random man who accused him of using his drone to fly over a park where allegedly; his daughter happened to be practicing soccer at. 

    The hobbyist remained calmed and collected throughout the argument and using "legal talk” gave the stranger a very much deserved answer. 

    After the heated discussion the hobbyist…

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    uploaded this video to youtube and stated: "Model aircraft are not a crime. This is a public field. I was out testing my camera and gimbal settings on my quad and hexacopter.”  

    "I fly here often, as do many others. It is a safe and wide open area to fly. Look at my other videos for a view of the field. He also had been involved in model aircraft for 20 years, and was officer in his club, and had taught as a flight instructor. He also said: "Anyone that has flown with me knows I fly in a safe manner. 

    I made a point to not go anywhere near the other people on the adjacent field. Anyone that has a problem with my flying can come and talk with me about it. So long as they don't imply I am a pedophile it is likely to be a pleasant conversation. 

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