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  • He Was Asked On Live TV If He Would Hire A Black Man; His Reply Unleashed A Battle. 

    This controversial video is part of a segment from a show called “Without Prejudice” (The irony, am I right?) which aired briefly on the Game Show Network. 

    It is hard to believe something of this nature was ever considered a game, let alone air on TV.

    The objective involves deciding which one of five complete strangers is worthy of winning money (usually $25,000.) based solely on the impressions and opinions of each contestant as made by the panelists.

    The order goes as follows:

    A 15-second introduction of the contestants is shown to the panel. They then must decide who gets eliminated based exclusively on who gives off the worst impression.

    A short biography of the contestants is shown, followed by the… 


    occupation and annual salary of the contestants. The panel then eliminates a second contestant.

    The three remaining contestants are asked about three "hot button" issues, such as prostitution, same-sex marriage and adoption, or gun control. Then, a hidden camera video is shown with the three contestants interacting with actors whom they believe to be contestants. The third contestant is then eliminated.

    The final two contestants are interviewed by the panel. Any panelist can ask any question, as long as she/he doesn't ask what the winner would do with the money. The panel then votes for a winner.

    This was ideally the way it was all supposed to play out, but things took a turn for the worst when a Polynesian man who; ironically enough is a minority himself, stated that 

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    he didn’t like the candidate presented on the simple fact that he was black.

    Now let’s get one thing clear people; you’re entitled to your own opinion and beliefs, but to put this in perspective; you simply don’t tell a terminal cancer patient he’s gonna die; EVEN if it’s true; simply because you think or believe “being honest” is the right thing to do!

    In my personal opinion he should have kept his mouth shut! Now he’s viewed all over the media as the most racist man in the world; which frankly isn’t where you wanna be, especially during times like these.

    Michael, the African American candidate who received all the hate from the Polynesian man, spoke out after meeting the 

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    judges and gave some insight into what happened behind cameras. Here’s what he said:

    “They wanted to see if the judges could "judge" without prejudice. they would go on to award the winner 25K. i was the winner. and me and the other finalist were the only 2 contestants that got to actually meet the judges and when i met them, the Polynesian guy had a change of heart and actually voted FOR me. The edits don't show that he came from his seat and hugged me. It was a very interesting experience. We had no idea what the judges were saying or doing or who they even were, for that matter. I had no idea that he was racist when i went out and met the judges. it ended well though. and I talked to that guy over a meal and he said that he had a change of heart.”

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