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  • This Video Is Called: "Never Growl At A Tiger” And You’re About To Find Out Just Why !!

    Tigers have tempers too! One man thought he was being funny by making growling noises at a tiger, but the tiger didn’t respond too kindly. 

    While the tiger didn't exactly attack the man, he did something quite disgusting that perhaps  the victim will have long lasting memories of.

    Everything starts out peacefully. In the video, two tigers are lounging in their habitat at the zoo. 

    One is cleaning his fur, and the other is sleeping. Later on, though, when one of the tigers is standing close to the bars, a man makes a “roar” noise at him. 

    The tiger immediately turns around, lifts his tail, and sprays urine at the man! The man yells out profanity, before quickly realizing and saying, “I mean, ‘shoot’!” A woman can be heard laughing in the background.

    Presumably, the woman was the man’s ex, as the woman who… 


    posted the video wrote this in the description box: “Background, I was at the zoo with kids and ex. When we got to the tigers he started growling at them. 

    My opinion to him, wasn’t a good idea but did he listen….nope………” He definitely should’ve listened to her!

    The video is titled “Never growl at a tiger,” and now we see why! Hopefully this unlucky man has learned his lesson and won’t be making noises at any other zoo animals any time soon.

    What did you think of the tiger’s response? Watch the clip below, comment your thoughts and opinion in the commenting section below the clip and share this on facebook so people know what not to do if they get this close to a tiger!