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  • This Woman Drove On The Sidewalk To Avoid A School Bus; But Karma Got Her In The Worst Way !!

    School buses are festooned with flashing lights and stop signs and other devices for a reason — to make sure children don't get run over while the bus is stopped.

    Shena Hardin, 32, decided that she didn't have time to wait for one particular bus as it stopped to pick up a disabled child each morning, and repeatedly drove on the sidewalk to get around the bus. 

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District bus driver captured a video of the female driving her vehicle on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the bus loading and unloading children. 

    The bus driver notified the authorities and they set her up the very next day.

    As it was expected, the next time she jumped the curb to 

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    speed by on the sidewalk, a cop was waiting around the corner. Hardin got a ticket for not stopping for a bus. 

    Hardin was not arrested, but cited for not stopping for the school bus. 

    CMSD driver Uriah Herron is credited by supervisors for his quick thinking to nab the driver on camera. The driver's sidewalk detours appear to be a daily occurrence. 

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    We had a very conscientious driver for 30 years. He really cares about his children and he took the extra step that this doesn't happen again," said CMSD Bus Manager Eric Taylor. 

    The incident happened at East 38th Street between Superior and Payne Avenue. 

    Let this be a warning to those who tend to take shortcuts. 

    Next time you see a school bus stopped, please beware of the fact children are close by and caution MUST be your main priority.

    We understand traffic can be tough during peak hours; yet it’s much better to lose a minute of your life than your life in a minute!

    Watch the video below, comment whether or not you think she deserved this ticket and share this on social media to help spread awareness about reckless and irresponsible behavior while driving!